Yep, you’ve read that right!
In fact it still feels very strange writing it…me, an author?
Can I honestly use that term now?
After 10 very long and often frustrating years I have finally published book I of Nothe Fort and Beyond.
One of the reasons it took so long is because I have what they nowadays refer to as an invisible disability, an illness known as ME.
I prefer to call it the duff battery syndrome.
That meant if and when I could work on my book was very, very sketchy to say the least.
A lot of it was done whilst reclining, very much like the my traditional Victorian ladies, on the nearest sofa or bed.
When I couldn’t manage that I worked inside my head, creating stories from the bare facts I had gathered over time.

When I couldn’t even think cohesively enough, I just dreamt of the day when my offerings would be in print.
But…here I am.
An author!

You can now purchase my book Nothe Fort and Beyond on Amazon;

Nothe fort and Beyond 261 KB