Introduction to my blogging world.

Well, here I am at last…I’m a silver surfer blogger!


A multitude of reasons really.

I was born and have lived In Weymouth, Dorset for most of my life, and have always been fascinated by the history of the town.

A few years ago my hubby brought me a super camera, which made me venture outside to capture images of the area. What was surprising to me was when I downloaded these images on the computer, I saw things in my photos that I had never ever noticed before! Never mind that I had in all probability walked past them literally thousands of times during my lifetime.

As I snapped more and more shots, the world of Weymouth and the surrounding opened up before my very eyes.

Curiosity began to enter the frame…how long had that building been there? Why had it been built? Who had used it and what for? So then I started to research the various places, which led me to discovered the world of the Victorian newspapers, and the everyday lives of the folks who lived and worked here.

A  whole new universe erupted before my eyes.

So many stories of life, love tragedy and death in our tiny town.

This led to me setting out on a journey of writing a book…not that i’d even thought about getting it published at first, I just wanted to get these folks stories down on paper.

Next problem was how to illustrate them..most of them were way too early for photographs, that was for the rich and famous only. Researching for Victoran illustrations turned up some on the net, but not always what I was looking for,  I needed my own source. I came across the Victorian religious books such as The Quiver and The Good Word…they were weighty tomes stuffed to the gunnels with absolutley stunning drawings, page after page of them.

I now possessed a mountain of old books complete with their beautiful, if not sometimes melodramatic, pictures, and a plethora of stories of the Weymouth and Portland townsfolk.

What to do with them all?

Then some bright spark suggested that I start a blog! What me?…that’s for kids isn’t it? But the more I thought about it, the more I thought it seemed a good idea. This way, all those illustrations and fascinating articles in the local papers and books won’t just fade away to dust with time.

Hopefully someone might pass this way and appreciate the detailed artwork of the Victorian illustrators, and enjoy some of the local stories of, who knows, maybe even their ancestors.